Vacation Rentals Spanish Coast Prices Raising

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Vacation Rentals Spanish Coast Prices Are Raising Since Last Year


In general, prices of vacation rentals on the Spanish Coast increased a 7% since last year, which is an important number considering the last 8 years of inconsistent market .  This means that the Rental Market is strong, and the Real Estate Market is recovering after years of crisis. This is as well related to the increase in Real Estate Residential prices in premium locations.

The middle price is estimated at 650€ a week. But it range from 200€ to 1800€ depending on the location of the apartment. You can see the attached map to check prices based on location. Expensive locations include Barcelona, Balearic Islands, Malaga (Marbella in Costa del Sol) and Cadiz. These numbers show great differences between locations, but mostly the same differences that sales prices are showing. We didn´t expect things otherwise.

This difference in price also establish two ways prices will react for last time rentals. Most demanded and expensive locations will increase prices during the summer, so try of reserve in advance. Cheapest locations as they are less demanded will suffer from price reductions during the summer trying to compete with other offers, so would be better to reserve as late as possible.


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