Spanish Real Estate Market Report 2015 TINSA

Tinsa Real Estate report

Spanish Real Estate Market Report 2015 by TINSA

TINSA a well know appraisal company in Spain for years, release once in a while a complete analysis of the Real Estate Market in Spain related to the economic situation. This report not only establish actual numbers but more important the tendency expected in the next months.

– The following is a graphic of the value of properties since year 2000. As you can see clearly, market is stabilizing:

Property value




– In the next one we can see the Market confidence, that is been increasing since 2013
Market confidence


– A graphic about value projection in the near future for new and second hand properties:

Value Projection– This one reflects the effort in years to purchase a property in different regions in Spain

Purchase Effort




Anyone can make his own conclusions, but seems clear the Real Estate Market is stabilizing in Spain and tendency of sales and prices are changing. But lets be careful as these are general numbers that don´t reflect the actual situation in each city and area. As many times we have been advising depending on the exact location, type of property and age, we can then establish how good an investment can be.


Cristian de la Torre