Spanish Government Confirms Golden Visa for Foreign House Buyers

Spanish Golden Visa

Spanish Golden Visa Permits for House Buyers will be granted starting this summer.
Today,  22 May 2013 , Spanish Government, confirms that foreigners who buys in Spain a  property would be considered for Residence Permit. This law will be handed fast.”The Secretary of State for Economic and Business Support, Fernando Jiménez Latorre, said today that the Government will grant a residence permit to foreigners who purchase a primary residence, but did not want to specify from which amount will be awarded.In a meeting organized by Executive Forum Spain, Jiménez Latorre has ensured that this measure will be one of those included in the Law on Entrepreneurs, whose approval is “imminent” and will take place in one or two weeks.Furthermore, she added that the law also plans to grant a residence permit to foreigners to invest in Spain entrepreneurs.” We hope Spanish Golden Visa Permits get well demanded.Cristian de la Torre  ABR