Real Estate Investors In Spain Looking for Prime Locations Buildings in Madrid And Barcelona

Investment Prime Locations in Spain

Investment  prime location is one of my main advice when been asked.
In recent months there are a lot of  newspaper ads staying ” we buy buildings” . It is a market that has begun to revive with the arrival of large investment funds interested in the Spanish brick. Behind these purchases are large family estates , real estate brokers , specialized agencies, funds and institutional investors . What matters most are buildings in  “prime ” areas of Madrid and Barcelona.After  price adjustments  investors see great opportunities.  Best opportunities are located in the city of Madrid and Barcelona . According to Jose Maria Martinez – laya , Madrid partner of Consulting & Galvez Busquets, in madrid investors seek  operations under 10 million euros. However, in this city there is more interest by foreign investors seeking tourist apartments buildings with a yield of 6% -7%.
Cristian de la Torre