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Real Estate Blog Selected Spain news, updates, tips and reviews of real estate in Spain. Search for an apartment or a home, need advice on purchase process. Hope this Real Estate Blog is helpful.

Real Estate Blog that includes tips, advice, market analysis, properties examples, locations, property taxes, staging, remodeling, mortgages, and anything that can help you when buying a house in Spain. Please let me know any matter you would like to be commented on this blog. We try to be useful to the buyer as possible.

Procasas inmobiliaria Real Estate seller

Real estate seller specialist in Madrid Proc...

Jun 21, 2016
Real estate seller specialist in Madrid, Procasas inmobiliaria, opened its office in 54 Maria de Molina street next [more]
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Spanish Mortgages number show increase in sa...

Mar 09, 2016
Spanish mortgages number show increase in sales Last year (2015) showed us that the number of Mortgages have raised [more]
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Real Estate Spain Trend 2016

2016 Real Estate Prices, Where are we going?...

Jan 31, 2016
2016 Real Estate Prices, Where are we going?. Last year we saw prices where stabilizing.Prices stopped falling in m [more]
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Plan general urbanistico Marbella

Plan General Marbella, What is going on?

Dec 06, 2015
Plan General Marbella, have you heard about it? .It is the general urbanist plan of the city of Marbella. And even [more]
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Apartment in Madrid

Apartment in Madrid, It can be great investm...

Nov 24, 2015
    Apartment in Madrid, as we have discussed in other articles, can be a great investment. But don´t get [more]
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Location in Spain important

Location, Location in Spain… truer tha...

Nov 02, 2015
Location in Spain is more important than ever. I have been advising of this for a long time as in this article. Usu [more]
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Negotiation when buying

How negotiable are properties in Spain?

Aug 30, 2015
How negotiable are properties in Spain?. That is the question most clients make when they visit a property. Most ne [more]
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Check for noises

Check for noises when buying a property

Aug 11, 2015
To check for noises when buying a property sounds obvious. But most of the times when we enter a house we are looki [more]
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Buying in summer

Buying a house in Summer in Spain? or wait&#...

Jul 29, 2015
Buying a house in summer in Spain may sound crazy because with all the tourists around you probably think prices we [more]
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La Morera front beach

Luxury Front Beach La Morera

Jul 21, 2015
Luxury Front Beach La Morera de Marbella are luxury apartments designed by the renowned architect Melvin Villarroel [more]
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New development Marbella

Marbella New Luxury Development

Jul 16, 2015
In Marbella a New Luxury Development is taking place. It is located in Marbella East, next to Santa Clara Golf Cour [more]
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Tinsa Real Estate report

Spanish Real Estate Market Report 2015 TINSA

Jul 01, 2015
Spanish Real Estate Market Report 2015 by TINSA TINSA a well know appraisal company in Spain for years, release onc [more]
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