Prices and Sales of Spanish New Property Raising Fast

Prices raising fast

Spanish New Property Price and Sales in 2015 are  increasing fast to similar levels we saw before the crisis.

From a study from the INE we can see that there are not only more total number of sales but that the price is raising as well. Number of sales this year  is increasing in all areas and the number of mortgages is is raising as well. But there is still plenty of properties bought using cash. So it seems people with the money where waiting till now to invest in Real Estate.

The other important factor is the price, as you can see in the graphs in most of Spain prices of new properties have increase, which is a very good signal and confirms what we where telling all these months. Real Estate market seems to be recovering and buyers are coming back after so many years. Maybe It is still early to say this, but we see many areas with a strong increasing demand.

Ine Price numbers

So if Prices and Sales of Spanish new property is raising this year, we have to wait to Fall to see if this keeps constant or not. If prices keep firm in winter, then we will see higher prices next year.