Plan General Marbella, What is going on?

Plan general urbanistico Marbella

Plan General Marbella, have you heard about it? .It is the general urbanist plan of the city of Marbella. And even there is nothing clear about the future, I will try to clarify a few details so you know something more about it.

  • In 1986 the last legit plan (PGOU) was approved. Obviously that plan was design for that year, and right know it has little to do with the actual state of the city.
  • In 1998 Jesus Gil (Famous past Major in Marbella) approved another PGOU and the city started giving licenses for new constructions.
  • Urban plans in Spain are first approved first by the city, and then they are ratified by the “Comunidad Autonomy” in this case Andalusia.
  • The problem started when the Comunidad Andalusia did not ratify the PGOU, and Marbella kept giving licenses without the right to do it.
  • So imagine in those years, constructors paying licenses, and obtaining them from the Town hall, but knowing they where not totally legal. And buyers buying property with “Town hall licenses”.
  • There are  16.500 properties affected that had license from Marbella Town hall, but where not ratify by Andalusia. So Marbella city approved in 2010 a new PGOU, that include those 16.500 properties as legal.
  • And finally after five years in 2015 the superior court did not approved the Plan. Wow…. so now what.?

Now we are in the same situation than long ago ago. We have and old Plan valid from 1986 that is not useful, Almost 20,000 properties technically ilegal, and the worst: the insecure situation of owners, constructors, and buyers that does not know what to do.

Let´s see if Andalusia Community and Marbella City can arrange a legal Plan (PGOU) that works for everybody.


Cristian de la Torre