Number of Non-European Real Estate Investors Is Increasing  in Spain Due to € Rate 



 Real Estate Investors in Spain is increasing each month. Apart from the low prices of properties, the Euro exchange is helping.
Just one year ago, $-€ rates where around 1,38 for an €. To buy a 200.000€ house you had to move 276.000$. Today 212.000$.  That sounds great!.
Things have changed for investors from outside Europe. Not only coming on vacation is cheaper, but making a good investment is much more interesting.
So if we add to this €/$ situation the great discounts on properties in Spain, I understand perfectly how each month buyers around the globe are contacting us inquiring about the Spanish Real Estate market.Five days ago you could get 0,95€ for 1$, today is around 0,92€. Not bad.
There are many companies working on giving you the best exchange rates, but to get an idea
and how easy and cheap moving money is, check:
So It is easy to understand why so many Real Estate Investors are interested in Spain these days…

I recommend before you move money to have your NIE number and open an account in Spain as
described in this article.Cristian de la Torre