Spanish Mortgages number show increase in sales

Spanish mortgages number show increase in sales

Last year (2017) showed us that the number of Mortgages have raised  after many years falling. This seems to be another factor that make me believe that the market is really changing. Sales numbers are going up, and so are mortgages given by the banks.

This increase in mortgages in Spain has been going on during the last  20 months. So this seems not to be something temporary. We can predict that the increase in number, is going to continue during this year.

Still these numbers, have nothing to compares with the best years in sales. We are way down our best numbers in 2006. In the next picots you can see the difference between all the years that has passed.


Most cities show raise in number of mortgages, but Barcelona, and Malaga had an increase of almost 50% from 2015.

Cristian de la Torre