Marbella Seeks Chinese Real Estate Investors Thru Golden Visa

Marbella Real Estate Seeks Chinese investors with the Golden Visa residence.

Marbella Real Estate
Marbella has its eyes on China to attract investment real estate fortunes of World Economy

The idea of the municipality is to encourage applications for the so-called ‘golden visa ‘ , which grants residence permits to persons who purchase property in Spain valued from half a million euros, and expects to relaunch emphasizing the safety and profitability of these investments.Marbella hopes to position itself as luxury residential destination , something we hope to benefit the estate for his idea to establish itself as one of the major emerging markets of this segment.The profile of the Chinese real estate investor who has come to town is often second generation of great fortunes , much more receptive to invest.In addition to this initiative , the Chinese presence in marbella could be increased if finally the construction of two large hotels specially designed to accommodate Chinese tourists visiting the city take