Location, Location in Spain… truer than ever


Location in Spain is more important than ever. I have been advising of this for a long time as in this article.

Usually we have been worried about location because it may affect the future value of the property. This was true because some locations where more demanded that others. So we wanted to invest in  those areas with more demand. And that of course was important.

These days, because there are hundred of thousands of properties for sale, and the demand is still low, experts are saying that many of those properties will not be sold in the future. This is “never”. So something basic as location is becoming more important that even the price. Would you invest in a property that will never be interesting for buyers?.

Real Estate market in Spain is changing. Prime locations properties prices have been raising for a year now. Less demanded areas are not changing or still dropping  the price. All investors and buyers are looking into premium location markets, while nobody is looking into other areas.

So for the future is important to distinguish prime location areas, and more important which areas will be prime location areas in the future. Those will be the best investment areas to look for.

Cristian de la Torre


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