Is it True?: Finally Spanish Real Estate Prices Rising

House prices raising

Spanish Real Estate Prices raising in best location

In the last few days I don´t stop reading and hearing about Spanish Real Estate Prices are raising again.
Let´s be careful and understand the market:- In Many areas of the Country prices are still falling, and they will keep falling.
– In some areas is true that prices stop falling and in some locations prices are raising.
– Other factors such as type of property, property age, and size are important to determine
if a property has high demand and prices would raise in near future.So as always we can consider this statement to be true and not true. It depends.
There is a change of demand but this demand is not enough to cover property offer in the Country.
Will the demand grow? possibly but for now this demand is looking mostly for:

– New construction or less than 7 years old.
– Location on coast or not far from big cities.
– Mostly 2 bedrooms 2 bathrooms.
– There is some demand for luxury properties.

Therefore, before making a fast investment, ask a professional for advise  so you can determine
best options for demanded properties, the ones that are already increasing their prices.

Cristian de la Torre
Your Real Estate Agent in Spain