Important Changes In Spanish Residential Rental Law

Rental Law Spain

 Rental Law affects Property in Spain

Rental Law Spain with lately laws changes, there are few important points we have to consider when renting a property. These were found in ABC economía and are:Price and length agreement:One of the most important changes is to establish  the amount  that can be raised each year of contract. This update of the rent and the deposit shall be adjusted in accordance with what is established by the parties to the contract and in his absence by the National General Index System ratios Consumer Prices ( CPI) , recalls Sexton . Until the current reform of the legislation , the update was produced by IPC without possibility of another covenant.This measure joins the introduction of measures to fix the duration of the contract , which can be left free by the parties. In the case of contracts with less than 3 years agreed duration will extend annually until the lease reaches a minimum duration of 3 years (instead of the 5 so far in force ) , unless the tenant expresses 30 days in advance its willingness to not renew . Once after this 3 years of the contract will be extended for 1 more year if neither party revealed he wants to terminate the contract with 30 days notice ( instead of 3 years as before the reform).Contract Resolution:

Such easing measures also contemplated the possibility of housing recovery by the owner for his own use , or the parents of their children and their spouses in cases of legal separation , divorce or annulment , at any time during the term the contract , provided that 1-year thereof has elapsed. You will have to give prior notice to the tenant 2 months notice .

In addition , the tenant may terminate the contract after 6 months have elapsed thereof , at any time with 30 days notice . In this case, we can agree a compensation of one month’s rent in effect for each year of the contract that remains to be served .