Check for noises when buying a property

Check for noises

To check for noises when buying a property sounds obvious. But most of the times when we enter a house we are looking into so many things we forget about details. We mainly see the distribution, the views, the paint, the furniture and we keep talking with the estate agent so we are not aware of possible noises.

Some buyers regret the purchase when they start living and discover strange noises from different sources. Some are impossible to discover in one visit, but other are possible to hear if you check the right places. Here just a few tips:

– Before, or after visiting the house, take the time to walk around it. Check the buildings and business around, check for noise activity.

– Check for schools or bus stations in week days. Look for noisy bars in the weekends. Even a close electric transformer can be noisy.

– Walk by yourself around the houses trying to hear anything that can disturb you. For example, if the garage entrance is next to a  window, if there is an elevator next to the walls, if air conditionings from neighbors are audible.

– I like to visit houses at least a couple of times in different days to make sure conditions are not the same. Wind direction can bring road noise one day, and disappear the next one. Road noises can be really disturbing.

– Try as well to hear noises from upstair neighbors. That can be done best at the evenings.

– And of course ask the owner. He would not tell you voluntary, but if asked many times he will admit some.