Buying Expenses When Buying A Property In Spain




Real Estate Buying Expenses  are an important point when interested in purchasing a house in Spain. Knowing when and how much you have to pay in advance will simplify things.
In other posts we talked already about: new property tax, property transfer tax when buying a second hand house, and even the tax value when paying the transfer tax.
Those mentioned taxes are the “expensive” ones when we buy a property in Spain. There are other expenses worth to mention:
– Notary: He will make our contract public giving it proper consideration.
– Gestoria: The company that will handle for us all the paperwork, tax payment and registration.
– Registry: After paying the house, the Notary, and gestoría, our deed will need to be registered
at a cost. As the above costs it depends on the house value.
– Others Real Estate buying expenses  would be the supplies services contracts or ADJ tax at new houses.The best way to understand these expenses is with an example. A 200.000€ purchase will
imply the following costs:


* All expenses are approximated. They can vary depending on the region and Notary.
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