Buying A Property On Rustic Or Non Urban Terrain in Spain?

Buying Rustic Land Spain

Buying Rustic Land Spain can be tricky. If you are looking for a piece of land to build a house, or searching for a small house in the country you should understand the different types of terrain in Spain.

1- First and easiest one is Urban Terrain. This type is the one we find in every city.  Buildings and houses are usually built on these.
On this kind of terrain there is no problem to construct a new house, after paying a license. If the house you want to buy is on urban terrain, there will be no problem to find registration data about the property.

2- Rustic land in Spain, is the one that is protected against constructions because different motives. It can be  nature protected, or for agriculture.
Usually you can not construct on it, but sometimes you can have a house if you have at least 10.000 sq meters. But this depends lately in the region (Comunidad Autónoma).
You should check the law applied in the region you are on.

3- The third one is  more complicated as its value depends on a few specific conditions.
It is called “suelo no consolidado” (not consolidated ground).  We can find this type of land surrounding most cities and some villages.
Many houses are already  on these plots, but that does not mean they are legal houses.
The downsides about  this kind of terrain are:
– No urban municipal services
– Difficulties to get water and electricity
– Even if the construction is written in the deed, it could not have habitability license
– Is not a normal house legally.
– The property can be expropriated at low price.
The municipal court sometimes makes plans to add areas of not consolidated terrain to urban areas. This process is not easy at all. Neighbors should pay for the plan and construction of the municipal services, so the court can take care of the area. All these  is very  expensive.

So before you make a downpayment, please ask the seller or the agency what kind of terrain are you looking at. If it is a non consolidated area, please check with municipal court to see urban plans in the area.  Sometimes there are groups of neighbors associated and they have all the information about the area.

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