2016 Real Estate Prices, Where are we going?. Selected Spain

Real Estate Spain Trend 2016

2016 Real Estate Prices, Where are we going?.

Last year we saw prices where stabilizing.Prices stopped falling in many areas. 2015 was a good year in prime locations, like Madrid, Marbella or Barcelona. Prices in best areas raised last summer because buyers where looking to buy again after many years waiting.

Spanish Real Estate prices

This year, 2016, this Real Estate market is going to be the similar to last year. But a new kind of buyer is considering purchasing a property. These are the Spanish citizens, that after a long crisis, the see the economy with a positive perspective.  Banks started to let money easier as well.

This means that  demand is increasing not only in Marbella, Madrid or Barcelona, but other areas as well.  But again certain premium areas are more demanded and I will recommend to invest in those places, as you can expect a better return.

Let´s not forget, that the Real Estate offer in Spain is still too big. So be careful when searching for the right location. These pictures will show you that discounts are smaller in areas with bigger demand:

Madrid real estate discounts

Valencia real estate demand

As you see the demand is still higher in certain areas. If you have any question regarding best areas for investing in Spain, please let me know.

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