2015, What To Expect From Spanish Real Estate Market?



Spanish Real Estate market at the Moment.


It´s still not 2015 but a few Clients asked me already what I´m expecting for the Spanish Real Estate market next year. I explain them not to expect miracles, the market will remain similar to 2014, but great locations in Cities and Coast will sell fast.- Second hand market will be still difficult to be reasonable in price. Private owners  are not able to loose more money  when selling, and the market is still low.
– New projects are in it way but they will be ended by 2016 and 2017. If you find a nice location at a great price you can consider the option of buying in advance.
–  Complexes and properties sold by banks  will still be the best option one during 2015. There is still a  huge number of properties waiting to be sold.  Banks are in a hurry to clear the stock, so we will see nice offers. These banks will consider big discounts easier than private owners.In any case during 2015 great locations, the most demanded, will be the first to be sold. Depending on the location don´t be afraid to pay a little more if the location is unique and there is not much to choose from in the same spot.
Try to forget about those properties surrounded by hundred of unsold properties.In three words: location, location , location……Cristian de la Torre ABRwww.selectedspain.com


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